philoSOPHIA 2009
3rd Annual Meeting, May 27-29, 2009, New York, New York, USA
Co-hosted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, and Fordham University
Co-hosts: Ann Murphy (Philosophy, Fordham) and Kyoo Lee (Philosophy, John Jay)

<Directions: John Jay and Fordham are just one block apart.>
John Jay: 899 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY, 10019 (59th st & 10th Ave)
Fordham Lincoln: 113 W 60th St, New York, NY 10023 (60th st & Amsterdam Ave)

@ Open to the Public
@ Program draft: as of 01:00am, 05/26/2009
@ Hard copies of the final version will be available at the conference site.
@ Request a correction/change/update by email; minimal and simple, please.
@ Breakout sessions are organzed by five thematic streams: see below for details and note your presentation time, e.g., Kelly Jones, 1-1:50pm, May 27th.
@ Each presenter has a total of 50 minutes: a 25-30 minute presentation, followed by a 20-25 minute discussion with the rest of the stream members.
@ If you are a presenter, "floating" around the streams is strongly discouraged. The conference is practically composed of five separate workshops. 
@ This page functions as a temporary informational site until May 29, 2009; after that, all the information will be archived at philoSOPHIA.
@ philoSOPHIA is committed to a green conference wherein we minimize environmental impact and try when possible to use local resources.

May 27th  (John Jay-Main Building: 59th st & 10th Ave)
8:30-11:00   Continental Breakfast Available
09:00-09:20 Welcoming Remarks by Provost Jane Bowers; John Pittman, Acting Chair, Department of Philosophy (Rm 630)
09:20-11:00 Key Event I: Publication Roundtable (Rm 630)
              Moderators: Elaine Miller & Emily Zakin, Co-Editors of philoSOPHIA:  A Journal of Continental Feminism
Speakers: Tina Chanter (Editor, SUNY Series in Gender Theory); Wendy Lochner (Senior Executive Editor, Columbia University Press);
                       Amy Scholder (Editorial Director, The Feminist Press); Helen Tartar (Editorial Director, Fordham University Press)
11:00-01:00   Lunch Break (Individual Arrangement)
01:00-01:50  Breakout Session 01 (Rm 200; 201; 202; 203; 204)
02:00-02:50 Breakout Session 02 (Rm 200; 201; 202; 203; 204)
03:00-03:50 Breakout Session 03 (Rm 200; 201; 202; 203; 204)
04:00-04:50 Breakout Session 04 (Rm 200; 201; 202; 203; 204)
05:00-05:50 Breakout Session 05 (Rm 200; 201; 202; 203; 204)
06:00-07:15 philoSOPHICAL Cocktail at Hudson Bar (Sponsored by Kelly Oliver, Vanderbilt University)

May 28th  (Fordham-Lowenstein Building: 60th st & Columbus Ave)
10:00-10:50  Breakout Session 06 (Rm 506; 904; 908; 910; 914)
11:00-11:50   Breakout Session 07 (Rm 506; 904; 908; 910; 914)
12:00-02:00  Lunch Break (Individual Arrangement)
02:00-02:50 Breakout Session 08 (Rm 506; 904; 908; 910; 914)
03:00-03:50 Breakout Session 09 (Rm 506; 904; 908; 910; 914)
04:00-04:50 Breakout Session 10 (Rm 506; 904; 908; 910; 914)
05:00-06:30 Reception (Hosted by Department of Philosophy, Fordham University)

May 29th (Fordham-McMahon Hall Lounge: 155 W 60th St, b/w 10th Ave/Amsterdam Ave)
09:00-11:00   Continental Breakfast Available
09:00-11:00 Key Event II: Pedagogy Roundtable
              Moderators: Kyoo Lee & Ann Murphy (Co-hosts)
Speakers: Amie MacDonald (Philosophy/Justice Studies, John Jay College); Donna Marcano (Philosophy, Trinity College);                                                                                      Darrell Moore (Philosophy, DePaul University); Allison Pease (English/Gender Studies, John Jay College); Falguni Sheth
        (Philosophy, Hampshire College)
12:30-02:30  Advisory Board Lunch at Rosa Mexicano



May 27: Irigaray I (John Jay, Rm 200)
Session 01: Kelly Jones: “Reversibility and Sexual Difference: Toward an Ethics of Ambiguous Intimacy”
Session 02: Laura Roberts: “Intersections of Difference in Luce Irigaray’s Later Work”
Session 03: Jennifer Purvis: “Queer Horizons for Sexual Difference in the Work of Luce Irigaray”
Session 04: Elena Tzelepis: “Abstracting ‘woman’”
Session 05: Karen Robertson: “Mimicry and Identity in Irigaray and Fanon”
May 28 : Irigaray II (Fordham Lowenstein, Rm 506)
Session 06: Sabrina Hom: “Between Races and Generations: Thinking the Intersections of Race, Sexuality and Gender, through Moraga and Irigaray”
Session 07: Andrew Robinson: “Irigaray’s Education in Difference: An Apprenticeship in Openness Towards the Other”
Session 08: Athena Colman: “Ethics, Essence, and Embodiment: Re-covering the Essence in the Thought of Luce Irigaray”
Session 09: Anne Van Leeuwen: “Heidegger’s Humanism: Thinking through the Intersection of Gender and Race in the context of Heideggerean Phenomenology”
Session 10: Emma Jones: “Living within Language as a Call to Respond: A Reading of Heidegger’s Language With a View Toward the (Sexually Different) Future”

STREAM TWO: THINKING INTERSECTIONALITY (Moderators: Emily Lee & Donna Marcano)
May 27: Race, Class, Gender I (John Jay, Rm 201)
Session 01: Emily Lee: “A Problem of Conceptually Paralleling Race and Class: Class Mobility and Racial Responsibility”
Session 02: Tanya Rodriguez: “Difference and Indifference: Laughter, Gender, Race, and Class”
Session 03: Hernando Estéves: “Formation of Women’s Political Identity during the Independence Movements in Latin America”
Session 04: Sarah Donovan: “Race, Class, Gender and the Birth of a Notorious Criminal”
Session 05: Sarah Sorial: “Feminism, Law and the Public Sphere”
May 28: Race, Class, Gender II (Fordham Lowenstein, Rm 904)
Session 06: Sara McNamara: “Retroactivity & Raced, Classed, and Gendered Subjectivities”
Session 07: Samantha Godwin: “Capitalism and Patriarchy: Aligning and Conflicting Interests”
Session 08: Natalie Cisneros: “My Own Language for My Own Things: Borderland Identity and A Politics of the Performative”
Session 09: Máriam Martinez: “Is Multiculturalism Enough for Migrants?: Approaching Gender, Race, and Class Intersections from Social Justice”
Session 10: Rachael Sotos: “Wisdom of my Mothers: Barack Obama, Feminist Exemplar”

May 27: Hegel/Remarking (John Jay, Rm 202)
Session 01: Emily Zakin: “Sublimation and Impersonal Narcissism: Copjec’s Critique of Idealized Dissatisfaction”
Session 02: Tina Chanter: “Antigone and the Naturalization of Slavery: Race, Class, and Gender in Hegel’s Reading of Tragedy”
Session 03: Laura Werner: “Sex and the City-State: Political Participation as Virility and the ‘Right to Desire’ in 18th Century German Philosophy”
Session 04: Devonya Havis: “Arts of Resistance and the Insurrection of Subjugated Knowledges”
Session 05: Cigdem Yazici: “The Excessive Silence of the Feminine in Blanchot’s Reading of Marguerite Duras’s Malady of Death”
May 28: Aesthetics (Fordham Lowenstein, Rm 908)
Session 06: Elaine Miller: “An Aesthetics of Foreignness: Kristeva between Diderot and Kafka”
Session 07: Anna Willieme: “In Conversation with Merleau-Ponty: Enhancing Embodiment with Art beyond Sight”
Session 08: Dehlia Hannah: “Shadows, Wallpaper, and Background Assumptions: Genetics and the Aesthetics of Race in Contemporary Art”
Session 09: Ewa Ziarek: “Dangerous Conditions of Black Aesthetics in Nella Larsen’s Passing”
Session 10: Ellen Armour: “Photographs and Philosophy: Reading (Through and About) Images”

May 27: Thinking Vulnerability (John Jay, Rm 203)
Session 01: Erinn Gilson: “Vulnerability and Intersectionality”
Session 02: Ann Murphy: “Ontological Crime: The New Ontology of Vulnerability”
Session 03: Ashley Manta: “Acquaintance Rape and Its Traumatic Effects on the Self”
Session 04: John Pittman: “Myself and My Father: Questions on Butler’s ‘Giving An Account’”
Session 05: Kirsten Jacobson: “Embodied Domestics, Embodied Politics: Women, Home, and Agorophobia”
May 28: Judith Butler, Performance, and Narrative (Fordham Lowenstein, Rm 910)
Session 06: Lisa Guenther: “Cross-Examining Shame”
Session 07: Berenice Fisher: “Two Faces of Shame: How it Inhibits and Promotes Democratic Discussion”
Session 08: Noelle McAfee: “Politics in the Performative: A New Direction in Feminist Political Philosophy”
Session 09: Katharine Loevy: “Transgender Day of Remembrance and Creon’s Political Savvy: Why Judith Butler is Right About the Political Significance of Mourning”
Session 10: Robin James: “A Different ‘World?’: Ranciere, Feminism, and Feminist ‘Disagreement’”
May 27: Time (John Jay, Rm 204)
Session 01: Emanuela Bianchi: “Toward a Bastard Politics: Material Becoming, Queer Time, and Kinship”
Session 02: Lara Trout: “Phenomenological Blind Spots and Aggressive Ignorance: the Perpetuation of Arrogant Perception in Childhood”
Session 03: Jennifer Scuro: “Sexist Time Structures”
Session 04: Sara Beardsworth: “Impersonal Memory and Impersonal Relationship: An Ethical Reflection”
Session 05: Shannon Hoff: “The Colonization of Significance and the Future of Identity: Fanon, Derrida, and Democracy-to-Come”
May 28: Biopolitics/Biopower (Fordham Lowenstein, Rm 914)
Session 06: Sarah Hansen: “Power: Between Foucault and Kristeva”
Session 07: Anne O’Byrne: “Will the clone be natal?”
Session 08: Penelope Deutscher: “Double Pivot: Life and Reproductive Life”
Session 09: Lynne Huffer: “From Madness to Ethics: Foucault’s Archival Body”
Session 10: Sara Brill: “Prosthetic Ecology: Elizabeth Grosz on Life and the Tendency towards Prosthesis”


Armour, EllenVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Beardsworth, SaraSouthern Illinois University, CarbondaleUSA
Bianchi, EmanuelaHarverford CollegeUSA
Bowers, JaneJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Brill, SaraFairfield UniversityUSA
Chanter, TinaDePaul UniversityUSA
Cimitile, Maria Grand Valley State UniversityUSA
Cisneros, NatalieVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Colebrook, ClairePenn State UniversityUSA
Colman, AthenaBrock UniversityCanada
Deutscher, PenelopeNorthwestern UniversityUSA
Donovan, SarahWagner CollegeUSA
Estévez, HernandoJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Fisher, BereniceNew York University USA
Gilson, ErinnWittenberg UniversityUSA
Godwin, SamanthaGeorgetown UniversityUSA
Guenther, LisaVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Haddad, SamFordham UniversityUSA
Hannah, DehliaColumbia UniversityUSA
Hansen, SarahVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Havis, DevonyaCanisius CollegeUSA
Hoff, ShannonInstitute for Christian StudiesCanada
Hom, SabrinaMcGill UniversityCanada
Huffer, LynneEmory UniversityUSA
Jacobson, KirstenThe University of MaineUSA
James, RobinThe University of North Carolina, CharlotteUSA
Jones, EmmaThe University of OregonUSA
Jones, KellyThe University of GuelphUSA
Lee, EmilyCalifornia State University, FullertonUSA
Lee, KyooJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Lochner, WendyColumbia University PressUSA
Loevy, KatharineVanderbilt UniversityUSA
MacDonald, AmieJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Manta, AshleyWest Chester UniversityUSA
Marcano, DonnaTrinity CollegeUSA
Martinez, MariamUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSpain
McAfee, NoelleGeorge Mason UniversityUSA
McClure, Mary Ann John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
McNamara, SaraStony Brook UniversityUSA
Miller, ElaineMiami UniversityUSA
Moore, DarrellDePaul UniversityUSA
Murphy, AnnFordham UniversityUSA
O'Byrne, AnnStony Brook UniversityUSA
Oliver, KellyVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Pease, AllisonJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Pittman, JohnJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Purvis, JenniferThe University of AlabamaUSA
Roberts, LauraThe University of QueenslandAustralia
Robertson, KarenThe University of GuelphCanada
Robinson, AndrewThe University of GuelphCanada
Rodriguez, TanyaJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Scholder, AmyThe Feminist Press, The Graduate Center, CUNYUSA
Schwab, GailHofstra UniversityUSA
Scuro, JenniferThe College of New RochelleUSA
Sheth, FalguniHampshire CollegeUSA
Sorial, SarahThe University of WollongongAustralia
Sotos, RachaelFordham University; City College of Technology, CUNYUSA
Stauffer, JillJohn Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNYUSA
Tartar, HelenFordham University PressUSA
Trout, LaraThe University of PortlandUSA
Tzelepis, ElenaColumbia UniversityUSA
Van Leeuwen, AnneThe New SchoolUSA
Werner, LauraThe University of ChicagoUSA
Willieme, AnnaThe Metropolitan Museum of ArtUSA
Yazici, CigdemThe University of MemphisUSA
Zakin, EmilyMiami UniversityUSA
Ziarek, EwaThe State University of New York, BuffaloUSA


Sponsored by:
Department of Philosophy, Fordham University
Department of Philosophy, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Gender Studies Program, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
Kelly Oliver, W. Alton Jones Chair of Philosophy and Professor of Women's Studies, Vanderbilt University
The Office for the Advancement of Research, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
The Office of the Provost, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY